Is Conflict Constructive or Destructive?

Conflict is destructive when:

  • Takes attention away from other important activities
  • Undermines morale or self-concept
  • Polarizes people and groups, redoing cooperation
  • Increases or sharpens difference
  • Leads to irresponsible and harmful behaviour, such as fighting and name calling.

Conflict is constructive when:

  • Results in clarification of important problems and issues
  • Results in solutions to problems
  • Involves people in resolving issues important to them
  • Causes authentic communication
  • Helps release emotion, anxiety and stress
  • Builds cooperation among people through learning more about each other: conflict resolution
  • Helps individuals develop understanding and skills

Conflict resolution

If it is well managed, conflict can have positive outcomes.

Mediation is a method to conflict resolution provided by Cooney Carey.

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Posted on August 18, 2017 by Cooney Carey

Digital marketing and your company (1 of 3)


Digital marketing has become a vital tool for businesses in today’s online environment. What type and when you use it is important to the success of any digital marketing strategy.

Do you, or someone on your team have responsibility for this area of your business? Are you

  • Considering your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy
  • Active on social media platforms, if so, which ones
  • Making the most of the opportunities that digital marketing can provide

These are all questions that you company need to ask.

Having undertaking several online webinars through our international group Russell Bedford International and attended numerous presentations, most recently a presentation on content marketing for professional services.

Over a series of blogs, we will try to highlight the main tips that we took away from these in the hope that they may assist your business as well.

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Posted on May 9, 2017 by Cooney Carey

6 Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Meetings

team work

Meetings can be either a useful medium of communication, where relationships and understandings can be strengthened or a drag on time and costs. The following tips may be helpful in ensuring meetings remain relevant and useful.

  1. Agenda

Break the meeting into relevant sections and give a time limit to each section, a time allocation should include time for agreement of action points.

  1. Open Discussion

It is worthwhile to give a time slot for open discussion at the end. It is important that everyone at the meeting is aware of this, so they avoid interrupting other timeslots to get any of their own personal agenda across.

  1. Two separate types of the agenda

The person leading the meeting should have a detailed agenda containing all information on what will be discussed at the meeting. A brief bullet point agenda should be given to the other meeting participants. If the other participants are given the full detailed agenda, they may be focused more on reading ahead than engaging in the meeting.

  1. Review of meeting

The end of the meeting should include a review of the items discussed and the action points required to be taken.

  1. Retain documentation

All the minutes of the meeting should retained to support the conclusions and decisions made at the meeting

  1. Worthwhile effort

If you feel it is not worthwhile putting in the effort to document the agenda, discussions, conclusions and decisions of a meeting, you should maybe consider – is the meeting required in the first place.

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Posted on March 23, 2017 by Cooney Carey

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