How To Manage Your Finances? Try Cooney Carey App

CC app

Ever wanted to know:-

– how much is in my current a/c,

– how much is my mortgage,

– what is due on my credit card,

– what do I spend all my money on,

– what life insurance do I have,

– what are the contact names and numbers for my bankers, insurance etc.?

We are a firm of chartered accountants and we help clients on a daily basis to manage their finances.

We created this free App to enable you to answer all these questions and more. Using this App, you can track your finances as you spend.

The App is available world-wide and is getting great reviews and we have had over 10,000 downloads, so why not download it today and use it as your one-stop-shop for tracking your money.

Download the App today – “Bank balances” on iTunes, it’s FREE! You can find it HERE.

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    Posted on March 6, 2017 by Cooney Carey