The Cooney Carey Story

It takes imagination, resilience, energy and effort to build a business from scratch. The ability to take and manage risk, to imagine the future, to never take no for an answer – these are the necessary qualities for entrepreneurship. We know what it takes because we’ve started and built up a business ourselves. We’ve seen booms and busts and supported our clients in many challenging situations.

Our story is like our clients’ stories. We don’t sit in an ivory tower dishing out dusty advice. We live, breathe and sleep our business. We are always hunting for new business opportunities but never compromise service to existing clients in the pursuit of growth. Many clients have been with the firm since the day we opened our doors, a demonstration of loyalty that we never take for granted.

We know that the ability, commitment and expertise of our people are the reason why clients come to Cooney Carey and the reason why they recommend us to others. That’s why we recruit the very best – not just those who are brilliantly qualified – but those who have a passion for business and an ambition to be the best they can be.

Ireland was a very different place when we established a business advisory firm in 1983.  Our vision was to establish a firm that worked alongside entrepreneurs and private Irish businesses to help them to grow and thrive - a hands-on partnership that provided ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ advice – corporate finance for growth; auditing for compliance; tax advice and effective governance.  

Some 25 years later Cooney Carey is a well-established and dynamic firm that counts some of Ireland’s most successful entrepreneurs and businesses amongst its clients.  Welcome to our world.

"Very pleased with the professional outside views and practical assessment."