Business Advisory

We understand the need to keep costs low and manage risk.  We know the importance of nurturing and retaining talent. We help our clients to design and carry out beneficial change management processes. By helping them to work more innovatively and effectively, we support our clients as they grow into smarter, leaner organisations.

We offer our clients a number of specialist business services. These capitalise on some of our key strengths, including; 

  • Structuring companies to enable their survival and development 
  • The analysis and evaluation of a client's financial position
  • Enabling and helping with decision-making based on our analysis of key measures
  • Sourcing banking and equity resources (including the negotiation of new or existing banking positions)

 Our business advisory services encompass a wide range of areas, including:

Corporate Recovery and Restructuring

We excel at examining businesses and ascertaining the key factors essential to their success. We compare their current situation to that which they would like to achieve. We then design and implement a plan to enable the business to bridge that gap. We also monitor the change process and its effects. Our credibility and experience is essential to this process, as are our relationships with banks and other stakeholders.

Anthony R. Carey

Business Development

We have wide-ranging experience in examining businesses and assessing what they need to succeed. We work with our clients to maximise their opportunities. This process includes developing the business model, developing and maximising the value proposition, strengthening the management team and sourcing the resources needed. Our credibility and experience is essential to this process, as are our knowledge of equity sources and our relationships with banks and other resource provider

Anthony R. Carey

Banking and Funding

We can clearly ascertain the funding our clients need and how much they can service. With that knowledge, we develop a banking and funding plan, which we use to source a client’s requirements. We know which institutions offer funding and how to approach them. We use our well-honed negotiation skills to source the best and most flexible funding deals for our clients.

Anthony R. Carey


We are experienced in understanding different business situations and projects, and identifying the decisions required, whether these relate to hiring and firing, capital expenditure, investment, cessation of trading or other areas. We gather and evaluate the relevant information, complete a decision-making matrix to suit our client and then guide the client to make the correct decision.

Anthony R. Carey


Change Management

We work with our clients to identify the essential changes they need to make to preserve, protect or grow the business. We guide clients through this process and ensure they make and implement the correct decisions. Each change management strategy requires tweaking as it develops and our experience in this field means we know when and      how to react and amend the strategy.  

Anthony R. Carey

Financial Modelling

Tony designs financial models for his clients to gather any relevant measurable data, analyse it and present it in a manner that enables effective decision-making. Inherent in this process is his ability to write complex spreadsheets that can be easily populated by users.

Anthony R. Carey

Negotiation Management

Tony is adept at understanding a client’s key points and developing their position to facilitate a negotiation. He directs the discussion, hold focus and piece together the issues to formulate an attractive agreement. Once this is done, he documents the outcome of the negotiation and enable sign-off by all parties.

Anthony R. Carey

Project Management

Tony is experienced in planning and managing project implementation (which can include court cases), including the co-ordination of team members or other professionals. He engages in decision-making and evaluation throughout 

Anthony R. Carey

Grants and Incentives

Companies can qualify for grants if they set up or expand manufacturing operations in Ireland, or cater to overseas customers from Ireland. Tony works with start-ups, growing mid-sized companies and multinationals either investing in Ireland for the first time or growing their operations here. No matter what size your company is, he can help you to identify appropriate grants and incentives, and to qualify for them.

Anthony R. Carey

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

These are very significant events, to get it wrong can be extremely costly. Knowledge and experience are essential to make the transaction a success. Selling a business is a time consuming and emotional process. Tony will work closely with you to ensure the best outcome. Acquisitions are all about identifying and evaluating targets, negotiation of the deal and managing the completion. The Disposal process will form a realistic view of the valuation of the business and the key selling points, preparation of a memorandum, soliciting offers, negotiation of an agreement and then managing completion.

Anthony R. Carey

Executive Interviews

We are ideally positioned to help with the recruitment of a client’s senior management team, through our unique understanding of our client’s systems and requirements. We spend time with the client to understand their requirements, but also to build our understanding of the company’s culture. By doing so, we can ensure that the candidates selected will be a good fit for the organisation

Des McCann