Investigations and Reviews

We use our expertise to analyse and evaluate our client's financial position, management ability and resources. Our key abilities in this area include investigating and verifying information, clearly reporting on our findings and making strategic recommendations.  Our analysis, evaluation, investigations and reporting services encompass a wide range of areas, including;

Corporate Financial Reviews and Investigations

Tony’s credibility and experience are essential to his ability to ascertain the facts quickly during a corporate financial review and present them in a readily understandable and relevant manner. For example, Tony has completed reviews worth about €30 billion for banks and for clients entering NAMA. When necessary, Tony extends the reviews into investigations. In one case, he went on to discover probably the largest corporate fraud in Ireland.  

Anthony R. Carey

Company Valuations

We have prepared many company valuations and estimates of the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. By doing so, we ensure our clients maximise their return on investment. Company valuations can be required in a multitude of situations, including management buyouts, shareholder disputes, the sale of the company or divorce proceedings involving a company owner.

Des McCann

Due Diligence

We are experienced in investigating target companies on behalf of acquiring companies. We agree terms of reference with the client to ensure that we meet all their requirements. Furthermore, we often work with the legal teams involved to ensure the share purchase agreement is correctly drafted. We also assist our clients whose businesses are being acquired. This involves meeting the investigative due diligence team acting for the acquiring company to ensure all their queries are addressed.

Des McCann & Will Townsend

Personal Forensic Investigations, Personal Injury and Fraud Cases

We deliver focused investigations using our knowledge of auditing, personal forensic accounting, taxation, company law, banking facilities and industry sectorial knowledge. We have the forensic skills to identify undeclared assets and income, and the experience and credibility to work as forensic accountant experts and give clear advice to legal advisors. We deliver concise reports that have been well received by legal advisors, law enforcement agencies and judges.

Paul Leonard


Examinership Independent Accountant’s Report

Our knowledgeable team has the credibility and experience of working with legal advisors, insolvency experts and businesses to deliver a concise independent accountant’s report for court proceedings. We understand the examinership process and are used to working to the demanding deadlines involved.  We are also experienced in delivering evidence to judges in court to validate an examinership.

Paul Leonard

Internal Controls

Internal Auditing is an independent, objective assurance activity designed to add value and improve a company’s operations. It helps businesses by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. We have carried out reviews to assist third party and internal investigations. Our team is experienced in documenting and testing key internal control systems and reporting in a clear and constructive manner.

Des McCann

Company Secretarial Investigations

When corporate records contain conflicts of information and significant differences of facts, we can investigate the facts, outline the summary position and recommend how our clients should resolve the issues found.

Mary Flanagan

Revenue Audit and Investigations

We have extensive experience of dealing with Revenue audits for individual and corporate taxpayers in different business sectors.

Before a Revenue audit, we proactively seek to identify tax risks for our clients. We try to do this with a pre-audit review before Revenue issues an audit notification, so we can help clients make the best use of their time and not get distracted from or fall behind with their regular work.

Once our clients receive a Revenue audit letter, we carry out a complete review of their affairs, within the scope of the audit letter. We highlight tax issues that may arise during the course of the audit and how best to address them. We ensure that clients understand the tight timelines that apply to making formal notifications.

During the course of the audit, we manage all communication with Revenue, including the evaluation of Revenue requests for information, providing that information and negotiating any tax issues that arise.

Gerry Higgins