Catriona Nolan

Audit Services Manager

Catriona joined the firm in August 2007 as Auditor. Within 6 months she was promoted to Assistant Manager in the Audit Division and subsequently into her current position as Audit Services Manager.  Her area of expertise is wealth management of the firm's international clients, mainly auditing international Trust Companies.  However she's also recently started working with the firm's anti-money laundering officer, making sure the firm's clients are aware of, and meet the relevant legislation. 

Catriona's approachability and attention to details means she's well-placed to manage the junior staff in her division, including overseeing their training and up-skilling when needed.

Catriona's specialist areas include;

Statutory Audit

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In conversation with…

2017-09-06 20.01.04.jpg

I’ll get up every Saturday morning to coach football to 6 year-olds, but don’t ask me to cook!”

Favourite expression
“Savage!”  (in a good way)
Most likely to be seen reading?
Suspense thrillers.  Can often be found, with daughter Izzy, aged 5, in Bridge St Books Wicklow (Catriona loves the smell of a new book!)
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
Sandra Bullock
Where you’ll never see Catriona?
In the kitchen.   More than happy to clean, but don’t ask me to cook!  
World Leader for a Day – what would you do?
To borrow from Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality -“I’ll go for World Peace”
Happy Place?
My Mum’s house – the door is always open.
Desert Island Disc(s)?
In recent years anything by Coldplay, but currently loving Picture This
That Thing You’d Save in a Fire?
A box of decades-old newspaper clippings passed onto me from my grandmother Kathleen.
Catriona IRL (In Real Life)
A huge supporter of her local Rathnew GAA Club – not alone is she the Club’s Treasurer, Catriona also coaches the youngsters (ages 4 – 7) in football every Saturday.  And she still finds time to make it to the gym twice a week (she admits it helps that hubby Anthony is a Masterchef in the kitchen!)