John Comerford

Taxation Partner

John is one of the firm’s two taxation services partners. He has substantial experience in advising Irish businesses, corporate groups, multinational businesses and high net worth individuals on tax planning opportunities and taxation issues.

His specialist areas include property, and mergers and acquisitions. He’s also an expert in restructuring, inward investment and the taxation aspects of wealth management strategies.

John's specialist areas include;

Business Structure (Taxation Focus)| Corporate Reorganisation and Restructuring| Residence and Domicile| VAT Consultancy| Research and Development, and Intellectual Property| Mergers and Acquisitions| International Tax (Inbound and Outbound)| PRSI and social Insurance| Share Schemes, Share Options and Employee Share Ownership Plans| Funding and Interest| Property Tax Structuring

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In conversation with…

2017-09-05 00.00.22-2.jpg

“When I wonder if perhaps I should have followed my passion for electronics, I look at my latest 3D printer creations and think, accountancy was a good choice” 

Favourite expression?
“Take the time to ensure it is 100% right”
Most likely to be seen reading?
I enjoy anything by Stieg Larsson or Stephen King and I’m also a fan of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke – it’s my sci-fi side. 
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
John Cusack – with particular reference to his turn as a charming assassin in “Grosse Pointe Blank”
World Leader for a Day – what would you do?
Re-run the US Presidential election, obviously.  I’d also ban email and bring back formal letter writing – no need for a fountain pen, a ballpoint will suffice.
Happy Place?
Outdoors, hiking the Dublin and Wicklow hills – am currently trying to complete the Wicklow Way stage by stage. I’ll get there eventually.
Desert Island Disc(s)?
“Heart of Gold” by Neil Young – though when I tried to learn it on the guitar it almost ruined the song for me, not to mention my marriage.  It was a short-lived relationship (me and the guitar, not my wife!)
John IRL (In Real Life)
When not striding around in the great outdoors, John can be found with soldering iron in hand, boldly going where no accountant has gone before, surrounded by electric meters, radio receivers and his 3D printer.  A space shuttle is surely on the cards next – unless NASA ask for their gear back.