Nigel Mayberry

Audit Director

As Director on the audit team, Nigel is responsible for ensuring clients’ needs are met on a day to day basis. Whether it’s a specific query or an assignment that needs attention, Nigel will make sure his team meet all requirements in a timely and professional fashion.  Clients particularly value Nigel’s attention to detail, his insightful advice and problem-solving focus.

Nigel’s wide breadth of experience across all areas of auditing and financial accounting is also brought to bear on his various consultancy assignments, through the firm’s business advisory services division.

Nigel's specialist areas include;

Statutory Audit|Financial Accounting

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In conversation with…

2017-09-05 00.18.52-1.jpg

“As a Leinster supporter and life-long Liverpool fan, I’m always guaranteed season after season of spectacular sporting action!”

Most likely to be seen reading?
The sports pages of any and all newspapers – with particular emphasis on rugby and soccer.
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
Has to be Tom Hardy – first saw  him in “Layer Cake”, loved him in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”.
Where you’ll never see Nigel?
Sitting down to watch “Pop Idol”, “X-Factor” or any reality TV show.
Happy Place?
Not surprisingly, watching sport.  If I’m not part of the action in the RDS, the Aviva Stadium or Anfield, I’ll happily watch the matches on TV or on the big-screen in the pub.
Desert Island Disc(s)?
“Fool’s Gold” by The Stone Roses
That Thing You’d Save in a Fire?
My tickets from the first Liverpool match I ever went to.  It was the 23rd April 1988  - I was 11 years old.   Liverpool beat Spurs 1-0 to win the League.  Magic.
Nigel IRL (In Real Life)
In between keeping a watch over Leinster and Liverpool, Nigel still manages to make it to the gym an impressive three times a week.  Not a huge fan of the great outdoors, instead Nigel prefers the occasional cinema trip and watching good drama on TV – recently he very much enjoyed “The Handmaid’s Tale”.