Cooney Carey has produced a projection tool that has become the central focus of client’s financial procedures. The tool:

  1. Projects cash flow, profitability, balance sheet and funds flow – the reports produced are integrated with each other and the key drivers and assumptions are clearly displayed.
  2. Projects movement on Debtors and Creditors Control accounts – identifying debtor and creditor days and overdues. These are key measures if liquidity is tight.
  3. Provides a break even analysis.
  4. Projects and offers a Sales Planning tool – splitting sales between – Target, Committed and Gap (to be sourced).
  5. Documents overhead behaviours (fixed, variable, discretionary) and breakdown of wages over person, type and function.
  6. Reports are produced on a non traditional / non-accounting basis so as they can be explained to and understood by both the finance and non-finance teams.

Download the Projection Tool Kit

Download the Projection Template