Client Testimonials – Us by Them

At Cooney Carey, we enjoy working with our clients – they keep us motivated and inspired, and many of them have been with us since we opened our doors. And for that we’re very grateful. They also provide us with continuous feedback, which helps us improve our service delivery. Our clients have kindly provided comments on our individual LinkedIn pages. W5 Market Research conducted a confidential Online Client Survey on our behalf. Here’s what they said about us


“We would recommend them on the basis of their professionalism, technical knowledge and efficiency. Our experience is also that they try to understand the client's business to see where they can help.”

“Cooney Carey has understood the problem as presented and adopted an innovative and practical solution rather than a by-the-book approach.”

“Extremely professional without compromising on the human touch.”

“Recommending - high level of expertise, strategic viewpoint, technical excellence.”

“I know they won't let me down, and I know that referring them would strengthen my standing with any colleague or friend.”

“Very helpful and supportive and patient when I had cash flow difficulties!“

“Very pleased with the professional outside views and practical assessment.”

“Because they have handled my business very well, I would be confident to recommend it to a friend or colleague.”

“Professional, knowledgeable, capable, confidence inspiring.”

“I would and do highly recommend Cooney Carey. Great company to deal with and services and advice flawless.”

“Professional service. Being associated with Cooney Carey adds to the confidence our stakeholders have in our operations.”

“Great experience with both the Corporate Finance as well as the Audit team and more recently very impressed with Mary and the Co/Sec and Payroll services.”

“Cooney Carey has developed and understanding of the subtleties of the situation and responded accordingly.”

“We are working more closely together and using more of their services, as our CEO and Board develop increased confidence in the firm.”

“I have been dealing with Cooney Carey for just over two years and at this stage I understand their approach better and I think they understand mine.”

“I feel, having dealt with Cooney Carey for nearly 10 years that every person, from the minute I enter the office are so helpful and professional and I always feel my business, even though it is small, is just as important to them as any other business. I really don't think they can improve.”

Providing Value for Money

98% of Clients believe that Cooney Carey provides them with value for money

“Cooney Carey provide our charity with almost pro-bono auditing services and we are most grateful and appreciate their generous support to our work.”

“Best advice is too important. Pay Cooney Carey well and receive best advice in return.”

“Really happy we have Cooney Carey as both auditor, but valued advisor. We have complete faith in them and they have always done their best for us. We feel like we get a full and committed response every time we contact them. Can't recommend them highly enough.”

“Expensive but worth it."

“Not cheapest, but very competent in their areas of expertise.”

“I‘m using Cooney Carey for years because I feel my accounts are well handled, staff are all thorough and professional, as well as pleasant. So I have a true picture of my business without any anxiety.”

“Negotiation amounts are large and Cooney Carey have not charged too much so far for the service.”

Key Points Identified in Research

“‘Professional’, ‘Responsive’, and ‘Efficient’ are the Top 3 words used to describe Cooney Carey.”
“The personnel that clients deal with most often are rated very positively.  98% for ‘Professionalism’ and ‘Integrity’, 97% for ‘Efficiency’ and 95% for ‘Expertise’, ‘Can-do-attitude’ and ‘Solutions-oriented’.”
“Cooney Carey exceeds its clients expectations across a number of factors – in particular the ‘Calibre of the person managing my business’ and ‘Understanding my business situation’.  Approximately 98% of clients cited that their expectations are met or exceeded across all other factors.”
“Cooney Carey exceeds clients expectations across a number of factors and exceed expectations in 90% of cases – in particular the ‘calibre of the person managing my business’ and ‘understanding my business situation’.”
“99% of clients would be likely to choose Cooney Carey again if they were selecting a Business & Financial Services Advisor”.
“98% of clients of Cooney Carey would be trusting of Cooney Carey making critical decisions for their business”
“97% of clients are satisfied overall with Cooney Carey (the other 3% are not dissatisfied) and 99% would be likely to choose Cooney Carey again if they were selecting a Business & Financial Services Advisor.”
“Cooney Carey achieves an extremely positive NPS of +52, deemed as providing a very professional service.”